Tree felling services in Manchester & Cheshire

Let our skilled tree surgeons safely fell any trees that have got too big for your garden.

Tree Felling

Have you got a tree that has outgrown its space? Perhaps you have a tree that has suffered storm damage and has become unsafe. At Wiles Tree and Garden Care we can help, our expert tree surgeons can tackle any size tree and safely remove it.

Why Fell Your Tree?

Tree felling involves cutting a tree down to the stump and is often undertaken on trees that pose a threat to surrounding property and people, or to prevent the spread of disease. In addition to safety reasons, you may choose to remove a tree if it is blocking out all the light from your garden, or you are looking to gain more access and need space clearing.

Whatever the reason, the team at Wiles will be happy to help. Thanks to our years of experience we are able to safely remove even the largest of trees in the most confined spaces. For the majority of large tree removals we will cut the tree down in sections, lowering these to the ground safely by rope.

For small trees or where there is plenty of space, we are able to fell the tree from the ground and let it fall in a controlled direction. Our team are experts in all aspects of tree felling and will advise on the best option after a free, initial site visit.

Our tree felling service can also be combined with stump grinding to completely remove the tree and leave the ground ready to plant. We can also dig out the stump for smaller trees which is particularly helpful to avoid problems caused by disease.

To find out more and for a free, no-obligation quote just get in touch with us today on 07944 241 223 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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