Tree Pruning Services in Manchester & Cheshire

Keep your trees safe and looking their best with our affordable tree pruning services.

Tree Pruning

At Wiles Tree & Garden Care we offer a wide range of tree pruning services to help keep your trees looking their best. From removal of dead branches and disease to aesthetic pruning, we offer a wide range of professional tree care services throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

There are three main types of tree pruning service that we carry out which are:

Crown Thinning

A popular choice, crown thinning is the removal of smaller, tertiary branches towards the outer portion of the crown. The aim of crown thinning is to allow more light and wind to pass through the tree’s canopy making it less prone to damage.

Crown Lifting

A great option for improving the appearance of your tree, crown lifting is focused on removing the lower branches and increasing the amount of light close to the tree.

Crown Reduction

If you want to get more light into your garden while also improving the appearance of your tree then a crown reduction is probably the best choice. A crown reduction is the reduction in height and spread of the crown which helps to reduce stress on the tree from bad weather.

Why do you need to prune your trees?

There are a lot of advantages of keeping your trees pruned, from improving the aesthetic beauty of to removing disease or just helping you get more sunshine and maximise the light in your garden. Here are the most common reasons for having your trees pruned.

Tree Health

From removing dead branches and disease to structural pruning to reduce the likelihood of damage from wind, at Wiles we can help maintain your trees and keep them healthy.


Keep your tree balanced and safe with our expert tree pruning services. Whether tackling storm damage or just reducing the size of the crown, we can provide you with a professional service.


Professional pruning can help influence the shape and structure of your tree and improve its appearance. Our pruning services can help create a natural look that is perfectly suited to your garden.


Pruning a tree will increase the light and sun exposure, and it will also improve the view from your property.

Mature Tree Pruning

For older trees, pruning can be carried out for corrective measures. The older the tree, the more likely it is for there to be an issue with dead or diseased limbs.

Before & After

Big, messy tree pruned tree